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Take red-hot metal, charcoal fire, hammer and tongs to forge with your own hands (with gloves on!) an original blacksmith piece, like craftsmen of all ages.

Crusty, yeasty, sweet, hot, lavished with butter and honey, what is it about fresh bread? Spend a morning by the campfire, up to your elbows in breadmaking and all the good things to go with it.

Bush exploring, taking our selves (Head, Heart and Hands) into the natural bush and exploring the wonder and secrets of bush and ecosystems.

Experience the challenge and wonder of being astride a gentle giant or a sweetie pony in a safe and fun riding workshop, including horse skills and handling for the more dedicated participants

This is our ever popular farmyard tour and experience for all ages as we go about our morning routine of feeding chooks, ducks, cows, calves and horses. Come with us to milk the cow and watch the working dogs show their talents. Takes about 1hr.

We like to keep you comfortable while the kids are doing their Hands-on, so we invite you for coffee or tea at the cottage.